KeyMarket Media, Executive Summary

World-wide marketing
brings hard challenges




Finding the right people to talk to is always one of the most difficult parts of the marketing process.

If your company has offices far flung around the world you may have a unique appreciation of how much of a challenge this is.

The concept that created KeyMarket Media was the need to find a way to provide a more direct access to markets within markets:

  • To find a way to make it easier to find just who you are looking for.
  • To focus your communications on a concentrated set of individuals.

The result is less time wasted, less money wasted and more useful contacts for your corporate communications and advertising messages. The management of Customer Relations and Investor Relations are both supported.

The most critical element: Believability

KeyMarket Media produces and distributes highly specialised radio programming which is precision-targeted to reach high-viability markets -- Markets difficult to reach but highly valuable. A hallmark of each of our programs is the believability factor.

Each of our programs and features is built around individuals or concepts that are comfortably familiar to many listeners around the world.

James Burke brings his famous Connections concept to radio for the first time. Connections provides an exhilarating and often amusing romp through the labyrinths of days past; a fantastic view of the technological trail of evidence from one event to another and from one idea to another and how each relates to the next.

The storied wealth, glamour and exclusivity of Monte-Carlo has been famous around the world for over a century. It is also highly regarded for its culture and performing arts -- notably its musical jewels; The Monte-Carlo Opera and The Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra. From The Principality of Monaco and also his studio in London, our Jonathan Tolansky hosts two exciting fine arts radio programs with a difference:
MC Opera MastersMonte-Carlo Opera Masters
Classical in ConceptClassical In Concept

The original revolutionary pirates of England's Radio Caroline stripped control of electronic media from the British authorities and signed up legions of supporters. The spirit lives today and so do the supporters.

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