Monte Carlo Opera Masters

James Burke

(In development)

Monte Carlo Opera Masters is a weekly fine-arts radio series of superlative quality. Every one-hour program consists of two parts -- each with its own character and purpose. Each program begins with musical selections known and loved the world over while later in the show we hear from the star performers themselves revealing details of their personal feelings about the music, the composer and the performance.

In Part One, series host Jonathon Tolansky features excerpts from the world's most loved operatic works. Jonathon's depth of knowledge along with his marvelous sensitive and interpretive wit combine to give the listener a more meaningful understanding of the great opera repertoire.

In Part Two, Jonathon provides interviews of the biggest opera stars of today and also personal memories of opera legends of the past. His interviewing style helps the most complicated and reserved performers open up with their personal thoughts of performing, of success and their feelings towards other giants of the opera world. Radio listeners return to Monte Carlo Opera Masters every week to hear Jonathon's interviews and "picture painting" presentation style.

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